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Patrick G. - 09/09/2016 Excellent experience

Brande T. - 09/05/2016 I had ordered 4 movers, however, they were only able to provide 3 due to extenuating circumstances. They were very apologetic. They movers sent worked quickly and efficiently and got the job done!

Melissa T. - 08/18/2016 Great help! Thank you

Stephanie K. - 08/14/2016 Very friendly, courteous, efficient, very good job!!!

Natalie Christine R. - 07/30/2016 The only thing I didn't like was the fact that they knew it was going to be hot out and they did not come prepared with enough water to keep hydrated which should be required of them for health safety
Burnett's Moving Services response:
Thank you Natalie for your input. We generally have multiple jobs in one day, yours was our second for that crew. Sometimes you go through more water than you expect, especially when it's 95+ degrees.

Michael W. - 07/18/2016 Fast, efficient, was careful with my items

Ayako J. - 06/03/2016 We needed to change the service day to the very next day because of our apartment was not ready for unloading. We were still able to get the helpers and one of them was from our loading crews!

Ayako J. - 06/03/2016 Three men arrived instead of two and finished up very quickly with care. They were all easy to work with and we had no issues communicating, instructing, etc. We recommend them to everone!

Brennan H. - 06/01/2016 These guys were ruthlessly efficient in the execution of a three level house move this last weekend. They operated diligently and were extremely professional in their candor and demeanor. Thx again!

Patrick D. - 05/28/2016 Ryan and Alex far exceeded my expectations. The two guys were professional, courteous, and worked so hard unloading our truck very fast. I would hire these guys to work for me anytime.

Hilary H. - 05/28/2016 Great guys! Super fast and efficien

​Kathleen P. - 05/23/2016 Extremely friendly, efficient and fast..very satisfied

Brandon A. - 05/20/2016 Great job

Rick R. - 05/18/2016 Very professional and experienced, they had us moved in a hurry

Julie C. - 04/30/2016 I told them I needed 12 pm help. Called them at 1:30 said running late. I had to keep calling. Did not get help till 3:00. Which was the time they first said they had time when I made my appointment
Burnett's Moving Services response: I do sincerely apologize for the delayed start time. Unfortunately some jobs run longer than expected. We made you aware that if you are not the first job in the day you are on at ETA.

William N. - 04/22/2016 They did an excellent job. Everything was moved efficiently and in a professional manner. Would definitely recommend.

John W. - 04/17/2016 They were hard workers who never stopped until the truck was loaded and they were very careful with our property

Gavin C. - 04/11/2016 Brandon and Mike were AWESOME! I really dislike moving but these guys made it so very much better! They simply could not of been more polite, informative, hard-working and professional- Gavin Cooley

Jennifer P. - 03/15/2016 They were really helpful. Basically walked in the door and got to work. They did not waste any time and finished quickly.

Jared B. - 02/28/2016 My wife is extremely picky with movers and how they treat your things and she was overly happy to the attention of detail they put into their work and even tipped them. Highly recommend!

Mallori C. - 02/23/2016 The crew was efficient and completed the job within the time frame allowed even after having to trouble shoot moving a large appliance through a tight fit. Definitely made the move less stressful.

Bonnie L. - 11/30/2015 Ryan & Kadence were awesome. Great communication and took care of our belongings. I'm going to use them again for the next part of our move.

John K. - 11/17/2015 guys were very helpful and professional - this is the 2nd time I've used this company and recommend them to friends. FYI- it is less expensive to book them via the UHaul site than contacting them dir

Christy R. - 10/13/2015 I was so lucky to find this help. Branden and Tyrone were amazing! I would recommend them highly. They immediately started working when they arrived and worked diligently to complete the task!

Brandi o. - 10/11/2015 Very polite, hard workers

Joel M. - 10/03/2015 Professional, careful, hard working, and punctual. Pleasure to work with.
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thank you very much Joel, we greatly appreciate the kind words.

Michelle M. - 09/12/2015 These guys were seriously hard workers! We were amazed by how quickly they moved all of our heavy furniture. They were committed to getting the job done as quickly as possible. Very appreciated!
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Michelle, some jobs are harder then others but no matter the difficulty we always get the job done right.

John K. - 08/22/2015 will for sure use these guys again!
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks John! We look forward to hearing from you again.

Maribelle H. - 08/07/2015 Great experience! Our guys arrived early, worked hard and did a great job unloading our Uhaul. Thanks again!
Burnett's Moving Services response: Not a problem! We were glad to help. Please let us know if you ever need anymore help.

Laura B. - 08/07/2015 The helpers were a little late getting there but worked very efficiently and got the job done quickly. I am very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend Burnett's to anyone.
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thank you Laura, we apologize for the tardiness. We try our best to be on time, every time. We are glad to know we still left you a happy customer.

​Leah C. - 08/06/2015 They were friendly and quick, but they did not pack our items well, and we ended up with 3 damaged items.
Burnett's Moving Services response: We're very sorry about the damages. However, we do not provide transportation of household goods, therefor we can not be liable for damages that incur during transport. Home owner insurance does cover

Joshua P. - 08/03/2015 They were great
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Josh!

Gregory W. - 08/02/2015 On time, easy to work with.
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Greg! We certainly try our hardest to be on time everytime. However, sometimes people forget about items and so the afternoon jobs get delayed. Best bet is to be the 1st in line in the morning.

Warren Scott W. - 08/02/2015 "T" and his guys are great! They exceeded all of our expiations. If you need help just hire these guys.
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Warren, Tyrone is one of my very best and I greatly appreciate the kind words. But to be honest, all my guys are hard workers. I make sure to hire only self motivated employees.

Cathy C. - 07/27/2015 Brandon and DJ were fantastic. Unloaded everything and put it all exactly where we asked. Thanks! Will definitely use again.
Burnett's Moving Services response:Thanks Cathy, we try to go that extra mile and do the little things that the other guys don't. Need your sidewalk swept? No prob! Curtains hung? No sweat! If you want we will come trim your bushes. :)

Jaye B. - 07/17/2015 Tyrone & Mike arrived early, were very professional and courteous. VERY impressed with Burnett moving, and will be using them again for final move. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks for the kind words Jaye. We would be more than willing to help in any way we can when you are ready.

Fred J. - 07/14/2015 Tyrone and Mike were amazing. They got a lot more done than I expected and they were very courteous.
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thank you Fred. We try to always be courteous to our customers while keeping a good pace. We are glad to hear you are happy!

Bryan K. - 07/11/2015 I was contacted with in 5 minutes of me booking my moving help to confirm the day and time. The movers were on time We have many fragile antiques and they all made it without a scratch. Great company
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thank you Bryan. Here at B.M.S. we understand you have spent your entire life collecting your belongings and wish to keep them in best condition and we try our very best to ensure safety in all items.

Shawna L. - 07/11/2015 Excellent service- friendly, professional, & quick!
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Shawna!

Cheri M. - 07/08/2015 The movers contacted me immediately to setup a time for the move. The called ahead on the day of the move and showed up right on time. We fast, careful and super helpful. Definitely would use again.
Burnett's Moving Services response: We try to get to our customers as soon as possible. Not every instance is the same but we always make contact within 24 hours.

Katie J. - 07/02/2015 Very happy with the guys, they did a wonderful job and were right on time. Very polite and fast working. We couldn't be happier!
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Katie, we do our very best to carter to your needs. Feel free to give us a call next time your ready. :)

konni d. - 07/01/2015 Really nice guys, stayed on task in very hot weather and did a great job
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thank Konni, it was one of those triple digit days but we pushed through and we are glad to hear you are happy. Thanks for the good review.

Mark P. - 06/30/2015 They were hard working and really polite. It was a great experience
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thank you mark, Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We are happy we met yours.

Randall H. - 06/28/2015 Mark and Mike were very good. I plan to ask for them in a few months to complete my move. They will be my first choice.
Burnett's Moving Services response: Thanks Randall, We would be more than willing to help you out when you are ready.

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Yelp.com Reviews

R S. [5.0 star rating] 10/19/2016
O U T S T A N D I N G !
If you are moving in the Spokane area consider Burnett's Moving Services...
These guys are amazing.  From our initial communication to schedule our move, until compete they did an exceptional job.  Everyone on time, happy and HIGHLY motivated.  They worked VERY hard and because of their speed it took an hour less than estimated.
Moving blankets and other moving equipment was very nice.
This company gets it done and we highly-highly recommend using them.  Moving is all about getting the job done safely.  They respected our belongings and worked hard to protect us.
We also had 3 flights of stairs to contend with, and they did not waiver with the extra work that imposed.
Affordable, fast, reliable and honest.  Burnett's Moving Services is the real deal from our experience and we selected them based on all the great social media reviews

Thatcher L. [1.0 star rating] 10/18/2016

We used this service when moving several weeks ago, and I will say after careful cleaning of our old home, and complete unpacking of the new home we were stolen from. I instantly knew that one of the workers stole something from us, and upon calling them I was given excuses and told that two of the workers were related to the person I was speaking with so it couldn't have been them. It was insulting. One of the other workers also made some sexist comments about the fact that I (a man) let my girlfriend pick the wrong size trailer. The monetary value of what was stolen isn't the issue, and I don't need it to be replaced. What is the issue is the fact that we used this service after a high recommendation, and then this is how we were treated.  I didn't even bother calling back because the first experience was beyond horrible customer service. I hope Burnett's invests the hard earned money we gave them into background checks for their people in the future.

Comment from Ryan B. of Burnett's Moving Services (Business Owner)
11/18/2016  I do sincerely apologize for your experience. I completely understand your frustration.This is the first time we have ever had this problem and so when we spoke I was somewhat in awe. I tried several attempts to call you back after I could get some information as to what exactly happened but I was unsuccessful. I had a newer worker on that job and since this situation occurred I have terminated his employment. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and I will be the first to admit we failed on this particular job. I sincerely apologize and would be more than willing to replace the items. The employee in question was also the one that made that unprofessional comments and for that I would also like to apologize. I will most definitely use better judgement on our hiring practices so thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Best Regards,
Ryan Burnett (Owner)

Mark T. [5.0 star rating] 10/17/2016
Great work, fellows!!  I had three stellar men unload a 26 foot UHaul that was packed to the gills. They were polite and professional. And when they finished, my back felt great. Very reasonably priced. Thanks.

Avalon K. [5.0 star rating] 10/11/2016
Affordable, insured, good communication, were willing to try to reschedule with me and it worked out, friendly professional dudes all the way. These guys went the extra mile helping us. Thanks guys!

Dave M. [5.0 star rating] 7/3/2016
Two guys showed up on time (well, early really, but we weren't there yet so they left to grab a coffee) and had the one-bedroom apartment empty in under an hour. They were professional and QUICK - those dudes were just going non-stop. I estimated the job was going to take two hours but they blew that WAG right out of the park and saved me $60 in labor. Overall the $85 I spent was worth every penny - no stress, no backaches, no dropped furniture or broken necks moving things down a flight of stairs. I'd definitely use these guys again.

Hayley S. [5.0 star rating] 6/29/2016
I recently moved to the Coeur d'Alene area and luckily I hired these guys to help unpack my moving truck. I have nothing but great things to say about the timeliness, professionalism and integrity of these guys who work for Burnetts. They unpacked my 20' moving truck, that was packed to the extreme, quickly, efficiently and managed not to scratch even a single box. The guys were super friendly and didn't make me uncomfortable in the slightest, which I'm sure some random men moving heavy objects into your house may cause. I know that I will definitely be hiring Burnetts for any further moving help that I may need, and I highly recommend you do the same!

Kirstie B. [5.0 star rating] 4/5/2016
I moved in to my 3rd floor apartment and these guys did an amazing job!  They moved out the apts washer n dryer and moved mine in!  Lots of loads to go up the stairs and they did it quickly, efficiently and with a smile!  I would highly recommend them and definitely use them again in the future.  Thank you guys!

Benjamin R. [5.0 star rating] 3/2/2016
Amazing service, we arrived just when they were closing time, rather than turn us away, Brandon stayed open bit later, got us set-up with storage and was very personable and professional the whole time. Recommended.

Miel B. [5.0 star rating] 1/23/2016
​These guys were amazing!
1.) They brought a 3rd person free of charge as he was a new hire and the manager was showing him the ropes, which shows that he cares about the quality and development of his employees.
2.) They were knowledgeable, but not pushy.  This is so important when you are moving!
3.) Friendly, on-time, fairly priced, and honest.
4.) They offer a suite of services (handyman types of services), and being new to the area, this was very helpful. I would highly recommend this company, and I will be using them again in 6mo when I will be moving into a house!

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Hireahelper.com reviews

Laura K, Order #352625 on 11/12/2016
They were wonderful. Very professional, and on time. They respected my property, and brand new floors. They worked very hard and finished early. Would hire them again in a heart beat!

Donald J, Order #342071 on 08/24/2016
This team as hired to perform unloading and transfer of items into the home. They arrived right on time and started work immediately. They are enthusiastic, self starter workers and required no supervision except for guidance on where the items should be delivered. When there were questions on any task they verified our preference instead of making their own decisions.They were well prepared with the tools/supplies that they required. They did not damage anything. We would definitely use their services again and highly recommend them.

Kyle H, Order #331577 on 07/23/2016
Excellent job, very friendly and helpful. Went out of their way to make sure we were happy with the work. Will use them again for our next move.

Mike C, Order #322621 on 06/27/2016
Great team and they were careful and fast. Would definitely use them again.

Kristen T, Order #317016 on 06/17/2016
Although they had fewer ratings than other companies, I hired them because they received 5 stars across the board. Let me add mine to their tally! Tyrone and Brandon were rock stars: polite, conscientious, efficient, and boy did they hussle. They moved and packed a 2 bedroom apartment into 2 storage cubes in 1.5 hours. They were well-prepared, with power tools for disassembly, a hand truck and plenty of rope. They also helped load my car with donation items and took recycling to the dumpster since I am disabled. Really nice, friendly guys who obviously have a lot of experience not only moving but loading and securing for cross state transport. Would hire them again in a minute!

Joseph B, Order #304803 on 04/02/2016
They showed up on time and we're very pleasant to work with. They were respectful of the new home we were moving into as well as our belongings. it was a real pleasure. I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

Mike Blashill, Order # 302307 on 3/19/2016
I selected Burnett's Moving Services from a list of three companies because they were reviewed the best of the three. It turns out that my choice was the correct one. Cadence and Levi showed up on time and after a quick overview of the scope of the job they went to work. They were both fast hardworking guys with great attitudes and very skillful with the loading of the truck. They took extra care to protect the furniture and load the truck properly to avoid any shifting of the load during the trip. Upon arriving at my home to unload again they took great care to protect both the furniture and the walls of our new home. When the unload was completed there was about 45 minutes left in the contracted time and I offered to let them head home. But, they insisted on going back to the old home and helping my son and I load the remaining boxes and odds and ends in the truck. Should I ever need help with moving again I will certainly contact Burnett's for help. Thank you. Mike B, Deer Park WA Reply

Edward Brockmiller, Order # 292863 on 1/9/2016
Our movers, Branden Jacoby and Tyrone Potter were friendly and very professoinal. They know how to pack a truck, they maxamized the space and save time and money. Would hire them again. Thank you for your reference.

Vickie Davis, Order # 277672 on 9/5/2015
The two men were fast and efficient.

Kim Crabtree, Order # 259460 on 6/27/2015
Ryan Burnett called within a couple of hours of making an appointment request to set up a time that would work and his guys were here as promised. Tyrone & Cadence were awesome! We walked through everything that needed moved and they got right to it. They were thoughtful of our things and put things where indicated. They were able to get everything done and save my husband and myself a lot of hassle and made moving into our new home less stressful

Ed Cohen, Order # 241222 on 5/7/2015
Ryan Burnett was a professional in every sense of the word. He was reliable and was in communication with me to assure me he would be on the specific date. On the day of the move, he was on time and prepared for the job. He and his assistant were efficient and respectful of my concerns and furniture, which filled a 16' PODS container. I highly recommend Burnett Movers. 5/5 Stars

​Deanne Acree, Order # 237102 on 3/12/2015
I love these guys, they were on time, effecient, and fast. They took great care of my items and did put everything where it needed to go. I will definitely use them again. They are friendly and have a great sense of humor. 5/5 Stars

Joseph Werckle, Order # 209221 on 8/9/2014 They called to let us know when they finished their morning job and were heading to our house. They came with all the equipment need to unload a moving trailer that was not near the house. they only took two 5 minute breaks over the five hours they were here. Very nice attitude and friendlyness toward me and my wife. I would definitely use them again. 5/5 Stars

Patrick Brown, Order # 210644 on 8/1/2014 If it were possible to rate more than 5 stars, I would. 5/5 Stars

Katie Burnett, Order # 196859 on 7/25/2014 Showed up a few minutes early, worked quickly, job was done before we expected! 5/5 Stars

Daniel Addington, Order # 203973 on 7/9/2014 The movers were on time and prepared for the job at hand. They worked hard and were pleasant to work with. They used great care in packing our property so as to minimize any damage. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future. 5/5 Stars

Korlyn Luth, Order # 201880 on 6/28/2014 Ryan & Tim were outstanding! They were on time, courteous, professional and they DID WORK!! I never thought it would all fit in the storage space that we had, but these guys knew what they were doing and they did it fast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 5/5 Stars

Nick Difilippo, Order # 190540 on 5/14/2014 Great job, they were very knowledgable about loading the moving van .Also, very careful with removing boxes and furniture from the house. On time, respectful and hard workers. Very impressed 5/5 Stars

Nancy Comstock, Order # 184885 on 3/15/2014 Men arrived on time and went right to work. Very respectful of us , our home, and our belongings. We got our money's worth. Would definitely call them again and would refer them to our friends. 5/5 Stars

Darryl W. Mead Sr., Order # 172025 on 10/22/2013 They were on time , ready to work. The two laborers did exactly what needed to be done, moving some of it heavy , in the time allotted. They were constantly moving the entire time. Good Workers ! 5/5 Stars